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Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

Earlier today in Inverness I attended an emergentMAKERS seminar on the forecasted trends in both interior design and fashion for Spring/Summer 2015 (SS15). The event was to feature trend-watcher and trend-guru Anne Ritchie, as part of her regular seasonal trend forecasting seminars she presents to the Scottish and UK Fashion Textiles sectors. Unfortunately for Anne, and for us, she was sporting a rather unwelcome cold courtesy of her recent sojourn to a damp and drafty Paris. Chic cold perhaps, but it robbed Anne of her voice for today, and so a member of the local HIE cavalry rode to the rescue to talk through the presentation on Anne’s behalf.

The morning’s first instalment focused on interior design trends for SS15, grouped into four themes:

  • Tactile: handmade; natural materials; modernised vintage; refined artisan materials; pale & soft; soft pinks; luxe design; matt finishes; dip-dyed; subtlety.
  • Botanical: spring greens; leaf prints; herringbone patterns; unfinished edges; turmeric/lime-green highlights; clashing patterns; nature/natural; relaxed and homely.
  • Palm Springs: California color palette; washed-out x strong highlights; 70s vibe; yellow featuring again; Mexican blankets; simple graphics; metallic gold; wicker and palm.
  • The Collector: worldwide influence; collected from travels; refined style; Japanese patterns; antique meets modern; simple colours; elegance.

Despite interiorCeline Love Life design trends not being my primary reason for attending today’s seminar, I thought to myself that there were copious sources of inspiration for fashion designers. Little did I know at the time, but that thought was to echo throughout the second post-coffee session on SS15 fashion trends.

After our early [and lengthy] coffee break – interspersed with chatter and networking – the main event [IMHO, with sincere apologies to any interior design fans who may have dropped by my blog!] kicked off with a run through the four SS15 fashion trends:


Anne’s key phrases here included: delicate; translucent; fine shimmer; light textures; layering; double imagery; and floating. These translated into a veritable smorgasbord of gossamer garments, with delicate fabrics, voiles and chiffons, diffused colouring, over-printing to produce double-imagery, reflective surfaces and the finest silks and cottons amongst other things. ‘Ethereal’ is perhaps another way I’d sum this trend up.

The associated colour palette was full of pale and precious colours like sienna, ivory and celadon.


The key features of this SS15 fashion trend were deemed to be: provenance; tradition; crafted textures; raw fabrics; brogue shoes; and new x second-hand. Anne proceeded to illustrate this trend with linen and raw fabrics, distressed surfaces, waxy coatings and lacquering, 3D relief effects, neps and Donegals, summer tweeds, herringbones and twills, block-checks and grown-up ginghams. My own notes included highlights of natural/earthy colours with typography, rustic/organic and handmade, along with copper/metals and off-the-wall digital prints.

The ‘Wholesome’ palette consists of wholesome, earthy colours like deepest ink, chestnut, blue shadow, fir, hemp and linen.


I had myself distilled this SS15 trend down into one phrase: ‘artistic & painterly’, and Anne’s keywords/phrases also reflected this quick ‘n’ dirty assessment: intense colours/patterns; figurative; whimsical and blurring. These slides were full of exploding expressionist colours, ombre & halos, flicks & splashes, freehand drawings and prints. Let your imagination go and run around of its own accord!

The colour palette for ‘Expressions’ was based around neutrals with zingy highlights, like cream, spruce and slate, highlighted by dashes and splashes of crimson, claret, mint & bubblegum!


My personal favourite. The final SS15 fashion trend from today is rich, dark and dramatic, with Anne’s touchstones being the dark palette, pattern manipulation, colour saturation, lacquering & elaborate summer tweeds. This theme was illustrated by inky dark florals, colour-saturated linens, old tapestry patterns re-purposed/remixed, mixes of rough & luxurious textures and hints of metallic sparkle. There were contrasting textures & colours – sheer v opaque, pale pink v dark tones – as well as colour-blocking within and between garments. We saw, for the first time apparently, printed flocking on toile, along with new twists on lace, appliqué and 3D effects, such as grid and tile textured tops for men.

The ‘dramatic’ colour palette includes tabasco & tobacco, ruby wine, old rose and lead.

All in all it was a very enlightening day, thanks to Anne Ritchie’s superbly illustrated and extensive SS15 trend research, and also provided some interesting insights into the many cross-sector influences – colour palettes, typography, textures, embellishments, and more! – that pervade not just forthcoming fashion, but also the incoming trends for interior design. Here’s hoping that these fruitful trend mashups and cross-border forays continue, and that the magic melting pot of ideas keeps on giving.







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